Monday, June 13, 2011

"Jimbo" 3 Strike Attack

Here's the planning for my 3 strike attack with Character "Jimbo".
Some simple doodles help sort out the key poses.

A poke, kick (with bad leg) and a body-slam/belly-flop to finish.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey Gang

Sorry for the unexpected disruption on the class schedule. I had some minor surgery on my septum and turbinates. It turns out having the inside of your nose cut apart and put back together can leave you feeling a bit ragged. We'll be back on track for Monday and we'll be picking up right where we left off, talking about polishing the run cycle. At this point you should all have your extended idle, generic walk and character run animations. See you Monday.


Monday, May 23, 2011


"Jimbo" Character Description

This is an example of a character description.

"Jimbo" is a girthy angry woman who is slightly unhinged. She has a bum leg on her left side that drags a bit when she moves. This makes her even more furious. Her eyes don't quite align and she is always looking for a new target for her ire. She really likes to poke people, stabbing them with her meaty fingers and scowling the whole time.

I sum her up as:



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hughes Ron Character Profile

Protagonist - Crysala Orahn, the protagonist of this story, is a young Alaran female born into one of the noble families of Elysium. She is in the range of Alaran young adulthood and is a surprisingly idealistic woman who, since the time she was a child, was always known to be different from others of her kind. Although she does have a trace of the arrogance and high and mightiness that is common in all Alarans this quality tends to lend its self well towards blending with her other more positive qualities, such as her strong sense of and belief in herself as well as her strong sense of morality mixed with tolerance. She is also an incredibly kind and compassionate person towards others around her. Several of these qualities reflect themselves quite obviously in her physical mannerisms, such as the tall, proud, elegant manner of her walk, but also the soft, caring, and reflective nature reflected in her face. Although she is quite intelligent and cunning, even by the standards of Alarans, in her actions she tends to rely more upon her feelings as a result of the empathic nature of the physiology of all Alarans. Her natural curiosity also leads her to seek out new experiences and ideas

She and her sister have been trained since birth, to one day compete for the right to become the leader of the Alarans matriarchal society. They are trained like all Alaran females, to learn to wield their telepathic and telekinetic abilities not only to be able to communicate telepathically with Alarans and other sentient species and interacting with the natural world around them, but also to wield her powers in various ways as weapons. They are trained not just mentally but also physically to help reach their maximum potential. This of course results in her great agility and well honed control in both body and mind. Also although a tendency towards natural beauty is common among Alaran females, Crysala is known to as a beauty of rarest caliber not only physically and intellectually but also in the aura that seems to effortlessly emit from her in the presence of others, of strong femininity and sensuality. Although she is oddly unaware of her own natural femininity.

Adjectives - Idealistic, Arrogance, High and Mightiness, Strong belief in self, Moral, Tolerant, Kind, Compassionate, Proud, Elegant, Soft, Caring, Reflective, Intelligent, Cunning, Empathic, Telepathic/Telekinetic, Agile, Femininity, Sensual.

3 Primary - Idealistic, Compassionate/Empathic, Telepathic/Telekinetic

Singular Primary - Compassionate


Ivan Johnson

He is an average middle aged (mid-late30s) guy trying to make a living. He has a job as a street cop. He patrols the streets in his cruiser occasionally trying to pick up chicks. Ivan is a confident guy, although he can be a bit cocky at times. He enjoys the Die Hard movies a bit too much. He occasionally thinks he is John McClane on routine stops and over exaggerates the situations. Ivan has a bit of a humorous side, and tends to clown around to lighten the mood. Whenever he can he uses the Die Hard catch phrase even if it doesn't fit it into the situation. His main motivation is doing a good job and protecting people but always looking for adventure where there is none.

He walks with a purpose, and a confident stride. Ivan moves with his shoulders back head held high. When girls walk past, he tips his shades to check them out. Ivan is always first on the scene extremely eager to respond to anything. He is a smooth talker, and always playing it cool. When in pressure situation he tends to exacerbate the situation, often times says foolish jokes and catch phrases during these situation to lighten the mood.

Confident, Cocky, Eager, Thinks he's a smooth talker/plays it cool but isn't. exacerbates, Humorous, over exaggerates.

1.)Eager 2.)Exaggerates 3.)Confident


Rodrigo Roberts the Swashbuckler

Rodrigo grew up a nobles son in the rich port city of San Santiago. He was given to much mischief as a young boy, and as he grew up this remained the same. He loved to flirt and romance every attractive woman he would come across and was always seeking out "adventure", whether it was rescuing a doomed kitten from a tree or setting off at midnight to meet with a lovely young lady. As a young man he has taken to adventuring on his boat the Sea King.

Roberts is full of bravado and courageous. He has never backed down from a challenge, even when he really should have. He is daring and bold, always attacking problems head on. He enjoys swaggering into taverns to tell tales of his latest exploits, some or all of which he loves to embellish upon. When trying to get the attention of the ladies, he is smooth, suave and full of confidence, even when getting rejected. He is flamboyant and big as life.

seventeen, male, smooth, "devil may care", flamboyant, flirtatious, daring, swaggering, confidant, Jovial and rakish, jaunty, dashing, he is the bees knees on sliced bread! reckless

1.Reckless - 2.Flamboyant - 3.Smooth

Friday, April 15, 2011

copy and paste to rsvp for the TRON VES presentation

Ex'pert Series

Presented by VES and Ex'pression College: David Levy, Concept Artist on Tron: Legacy

David Levy is a leading international concept artist. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands respectively, and is currently working in Los Angeles, California as senior concept artist in the movie industry. He has contributed to videogames titles on PC, XBOX, PS2, PS3, XBOX360 and worked on the development of "Prince of Persia 3", and "Assassin's Creed" while at Ubisoft in Montreal. Then, moving to Los Angeles he worked on "Tron legacy", "The Thing", and "Prometheus". His unique interests merge video gaming, film and his industrial design background to create fantasy elements at many scales.

Pixar Animation Studio

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Presentation: 2:00 pm

Screening of Tron 4:00 pm

Current students will have priority for this event.  Space is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.
You must RSVP to this link to reserve a seat:

I will send out a confirmation email to confirm your seat next week.  (either when it's full or by end of next week)

The awesome demo reel

Monday, April 11, 2011

Posting Issues-Clarence

So I tried to upload my .avi and it would not allow me to. Odd, I will trouble shoot the issue and try again.. any ideas?

Justin Strawn - Character Description

                Zombie "Ed". Was 26, office temp. 5' 11", 160lb in L.A. in the year 2082. Office safe house was overrun by zombie apocalypse. Now living dead. Motivated only by loud noises, flashing lights, and human flesh. heightened sense of smell, but other senses dulled.

                Bitten initially on the right leg, feasted upon on back. broken right leg. but barely limps, because he doesn't feel pain and his other leg bone in right leg is still intact. If no immediate purpose in mind, he somewhat staggers around, very unbalanced. If he is aiming towards something, he can only fast walk at best, but usually just wanders towards it.

 Main adjectives: Mindless + Wandering + Unmotivated

John Austin Character Bio

Shozen- 24 year old Japanese Samurai from the 1600's. Height: 5'8" Weight: 170 lbs. Highly skilled in swordsmanship and hand to hand combat. Trained by the most famous swordsman in Japanese history, Miyamoto Musashi. A very honorable and good hearted human being but also filled with hatred due to his main motivation: revenge against those who murdered his family in front of him when he was a child. Shozen rarely bathes due to the constant assassination attempts and has killed over 100 men in duels and battles fighting for and against the ever changing Shogunate.
All Shozen's movements are very deliberate, almost seeming choreographed. Even his casual walk is practiced to perfection to always be on the defensive. Despite his need for vengeance Shozen manages to remain calm in any situation, rarely letting his emotions take the best of him. His facial expressions always remaining somber and focused on the world around him. When Shozen does decide to strike, his movements are almost too fast for the human eye to see. Any sword, fist, or foot attack is dealt with inhuman speed and power as well as little to no extra movements or actions which would waste precious time and may cost him his life. Every one of his attacks are streamlined and fluid as he seems to move about with little to no effort like an eel swimming underwater. As hard as you try to catch him, Shozen, like the eel, is impossible to grasp.

Filled with hatred - Focused - Inhuman Speed and Power

Clarence Character Description

Steve, an ex marine court marshaled from the corp. for his part in hazing a fellow jar head which led to permanent injuries on his behalf. Rugged, disheveled, almost never shaves and rarely seen without his signature 5 o clock shadow. He rocks a mullet with pattern male baldness atop. Lives alone in a studio apartment and eats canned Chef Boyardi that he gets from work. His only form of activity is that of his work and the over worked suggestive behavior he sends to his computer screen while playing Never-quested 2. 10 years since, he now works at the local grocery chain store as a courtesy clerk (bagger). Constantly in the eye of his boss Phillip Pinkerton he's always nervous and has lost all self confidence and is very timid, clumsy and accident prone, a shadow of his former self he leaves us all guessing each day "What will Steve do today?". He sometimes reminisces on what he used to be and the actions from which brought him to his current state of life.

With no pep left in his step he staggers along dragging his feet wherever he goes and has grown accustomed to the sound it makes. With that and his steady diet of canned pasta are what now brings him joy. Little to his surprised he walked into and dilapidated mental hospital and was trapped after not watching where he is going. He is now forced into combat with the creatures that lies within, forcing him to mimic his former self. With only a flashlight and what he can find he has to get out. Tip toeing around the mental hospital as to not make a sound to disturb the bad things in the area he often finds himself doing the exact opposite. Defeating his foes (crazy stray cats, spiders, and the occasional spirit or two) with moves from his recalled past, if anyone were to see anyone one would be mortified and embarrassed.

Timid, Nervous, Accident Prone

Jaime Bondoc - Character Sheet

Buzz Worthington a spoiled heir to an electronics company living the easy life until a tragedy befalls his entire family. Very snobby at first. Now broke and alone he must piece together the events that lead to losing his fortune and rebuild his families reputation by any means necessary. He is kind of a jack of all trades i.e. a Bruce Wayne archetype. When he had the money he was taught to fight and have all the qualities that preppy boarding school kids have i.e. fencing, ROTC training etc.

He is in his early twenties. As a parkour enthusiast he can move around very stealthily when gaining access to secure locations but can also be very assertive when the situation calls for it. He uses all of these skills to gain access to the various buildings without drawing attention to himself. Very intelligent and athletic. A very capable hand to hand combatant due to his training in boarding schools. Basic knowledge of firearms.

Snobby, athletic, combatant

Jake Colburn - character description.


tomboy,occasional drunk ,vagabond

A woman who is more of tomboy and doesn't really care about the world around her. She just lives life the way she wants to live it. She tends to travel a lot for no reason but to roam. She grew up in an elegant house but left that life at an early age.

She walks elegantly but with a strong demeanor or some would say prideful and a bit stuck up. She will cut down anything that gets in her way.