Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Rodrigo Roberts the Swashbuckler

Rodrigo grew up a nobles son in the rich port city of San Santiago. He was given to much mischief as a young boy, and as he grew up this remained the same. He loved to flirt and romance every attractive woman he would come across and was always seeking out "adventure", whether it was rescuing a doomed kitten from a tree or setting off at midnight to meet with a lovely young lady. As a young man he has taken to adventuring on his boat the Sea King.

Roberts is full of bravado and courageous. He has never backed down from a challenge, even when he really should have. He is daring and bold, always attacking problems head on. He enjoys swaggering into taverns to tell tales of his latest exploits, some or all of which he loves to embellish upon. When trying to get the attention of the ladies, he is smooth, suave and full of confidence, even when getting rejected. He is flamboyant and big as life.

seventeen, male, smooth, "devil may care", flamboyant, flirtatious, daring, swaggering, confidant, Jovial and rakish, jaunty, dashing, he is the bees knees on sliced bread! reckless

1.Reckless - 2.Flamboyant - 3.Smooth

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