We'll be building this animation together in class 3, due at the start of class 4. This accounts for 15% of your final mark. 

 Lecture and Lab will be entirely dedicated to getting the basic mechanics working. This walk cycle will be will be 24-30 frames long and generic: not specific to your character description.

A good place to start for reference is here, with Preston Blair's basic walk:

click on this image to see it at full size

We will focus on these topics:
  • Order of Operations - Hips/Feet, Torso, Head, Arms
  • Good Balance and Posing Mechanics.
  • Foot Transit and Ground Speed
  • How to Invert the first half of the cycle to make the second half
  • Overlap and Follow Through
  • Path of Action and Animate>Create Motion Trail
  • Polishing Your Work
The animation will be polished for hand-in next class (class 4)