3 Strike Attack

This accounts for 20% of your final mark. 

Use the Idle shelf pose you created for the Idle2Run as the starting pose for this animation. This attack needs 3 strikes of escalating power and intensity. There must also be some element of forward movement with each strike; stepping, leaping or skipping forward. Make sure the style and quality of movement is evocative of your character description. Make use of a simple primitive object to work out timing and spacing, especially for any jumping of leaping.

To recap - here are the criteria:
  • 3 melee attacks, armed or unarmed
  • Each strike is more powerful than the last
  • Animation starts and ends in idle pose.
  • Each attack has some element of forward movement
  • Animation must match the character description
  • Length between 2-6 sec
Rough drawings to plan animation serve as clear visual guides.