Here's a spot to put hyperlinks of interest. 

Interesting Animation:
Salesman Pete
Meet Buck 
Is Tropical - The Greeks 
Mac 'n' Cheese 
Cuisine chinoise Jin Kum, Dim Sum 

Good Reference Books
Debugging, by David J. Agans
How Cheat in Maya 2012, by Eric Luhta

Maya Utilities:
An article on "Drawing your Timing"
Exporting animation from Maya:

Using the Camera Sequencer:
Video Tutorial
Maya 2011 Docs

Morpheus Links:
A place building costumes for the Morpheus Rig - maybe you'd like to contribute some costumes and props of your own? Check out the blog and contact me at

Download the Morpheus or "Morphy" Rig here:

Josh Burton's Tutorial Videos
check out Morpheus 102,103 and 104:
they cover the functionality of the Morphy rig.

Video Capture and Conversion:
Go here to get a plugin to allow you to download YouTube and Vimeo videos:
firefox addon - video-downloader-player

Two online converters, for audio and video format conversion:

If I'm shooting my own reference, all of these criteria should be met.

A quick visual guide on constraining vs. snapping

Polish each item in order, using the strategies listed for best results

Video tutorials by Keith Lango on making good key poses:

Here's another short page talking about elements of good posing. The drawings in this article are not great, but the notion is relevant:
Strength in Posing

A .pdf sheet describing animation workflow
Heirarchy of Dependency

A cool website showing frame by frame breakdowns of great animation.