Monday, May 23, 2011


"Jimbo" Character Description

This is an example of a character description.

"Jimbo" is a girthy angry woman who is slightly unhinged. She has a bum leg on her left side that drags a bit when she moves. This makes her even more furious. Her eyes don't quite align and she is always looking for a new target for her ire. She really likes to poke people, stabbing them with her meaty fingers and scowling the whole time.

I sum her up as:



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hughes Ron Character Profile

Protagonist - Crysala Orahn, the protagonist of this story, is a young Alaran female born into one of the noble families of Elysium. She is in the range of Alaran young adulthood and is a surprisingly idealistic woman who, since the time she was a child, was always known to be different from others of her kind. Although she does have a trace of the arrogance and high and mightiness that is common in all Alarans this quality tends to lend its self well towards blending with her other more positive qualities, such as her strong sense of and belief in herself as well as her strong sense of morality mixed with tolerance. She is also an incredibly kind and compassionate person towards others around her. Several of these qualities reflect themselves quite obviously in her physical mannerisms, such as the tall, proud, elegant manner of her walk, but also the soft, caring, and reflective nature reflected in her face. Although she is quite intelligent and cunning, even by the standards of Alarans, in her actions she tends to rely more upon her feelings as a result of the empathic nature of the physiology of all Alarans. Her natural curiosity also leads her to seek out new experiences and ideas

She and her sister have been trained since birth, to one day compete for the right to become the leader of the Alarans matriarchal society. They are trained like all Alaran females, to learn to wield their telepathic and telekinetic abilities not only to be able to communicate telepathically with Alarans and other sentient species and interacting with the natural world around them, but also to wield her powers in various ways as weapons. They are trained not just mentally but also physically to help reach their maximum potential. This of course results in her great agility and well honed control in both body and mind. Also although a tendency towards natural beauty is common among Alaran females, Crysala is known to as a beauty of rarest caliber not only physically and intellectually but also in the aura that seems to effortlessly emit from her in the presence of others, of strong femininity and sensuality. Although she is oddly unaware of her own natural femininity.

Adjectives - Idealistic, Arrogance, High and Mightiness, Strong belief in self, Moral, Tolerant, Kind, Compassionate, Proud, Elegant, Soft, Caring, Reflective, Intelligent, Cunning, Empathic, Telepathic/Telekinetic, Agile, Femininity, Sensual.

3 Primary - Idealistic, Compassionate/Empathic, Telepathic/Telekinetic

Singular Primary - Compassionate


Ivan Johnson

He is an average middle aged (mid-late30s) guy trying to make a living. He has a job as a street cop. He patrols the streets in his cruiser occasionally trying to pick up chicks. Ivan is a confident guy, although he can be a bit cocky at times. He enjoys the Die Hard movies a bit too much. He occasionally thinks he is John McClane on routine stops and over exaggerates the situations. Ivan has a bit of a humorous side, and tends to clown around to lighten the mood. Whenever he can he uses the Die Hard catch phrase even if it doesn't fit it into the situation. His main motivation is doing a good job and protecting people but always looking for adventure where there is none.

He walks with a purpose, and a confident stride. Ivan moves with his shoulders back head held high. When girls walk past, he tips his shades to check them out. Ivan is always first on the scene extremely eager to respond to anything. He is a smooth talker, and always playing it cool. When in pressure situation he tends to exacerbate the situation, often times says foolish jokes and catch phrases during these situation to lighten the mood.

Confident, Cocky, Eager, Thinks he's a smooth talker/plays it cool but isn't. exacerbates, Humorous, over exaggerates.

1.)Eager 2.)Exaggerates 3.)Confident


Rodrigo Roberts the Swashbuckler

Rodrigo grew up a nobles son in the rich port city of San Santiago. He was given to much mischief as a young boy, and as he grew up this remained the same. He loved to flirt and romance every attractive woman he would come across and was always seeking out "adventure", whether it was rescuing a doomed kitten from a tree or setting off at midnight to meet with a lovely young lady. As a young man he has taken to adventuring on his boat the Sea King.

Roberts is full of bravado and courageous. He has never backed down from a challenge, even when he really should have. He is daring and bold, always attacking problems head on. He enjoys swaggering into taverns to tell tales of his latest exploits, some or all of which he loves to embellish upon. When trying to get the attention of the ladies, he is smooth, suave and full of confidence, even when getting rejected. He is flamboyant and big as life.

seventeen, male, smooth, "devil may care", flamboyant, flirtatious, daring, swaggering, confidant, Jovial and rakish, jaunty, dashing, he is the bees knees on sliced bread! reckless

1.Reckless - 2.Flamboyant - 3.Smooth