Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ivan Johnson

He is an average middle aged (mid-late30s) guy trying to make a living. He has a job as a street cop. He patrols the streets in his cruiser occasionally trying to pick up chicks. Ivan is a confident guy, although he can be a bit cocky at times. He enjoys the Die Hard movies a bit too much. He occasionally thinks he is John McClane on routine stops and over exaggerates the situations. Ivan has a bit of a humorous side, and tends to clown around to lighten the mood. Whenever he can he uses the Die Hard catch phrase even if it doesn't fit it into the situation. His main motivation is doing a good job and protecting people but always looking for adventure where there is none.

He walks with a purpose, and a confident stride. Ivan moves with his shoulders back head held high. When girls walk past, he tips his shades to check them out. Ivan is always first on the scene extremely eager to respond to anything. He is a smooth talker, and always playing it cool. When in pressure situation he tends to exacerbate the situation, often times says foolish jokes and catch phrases during these situation to lighten the mood.

Confident, Cocky, Eager, Thinks he's a smooth talker/plays it cool but isn't. exacerbates, Humorous, over exaggerates.

1.)Eager 2.)Exaggerates 3.)Confident

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