Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarence Character Description

Steve, an ex marine court marshaled from the corp. for his part in hazing a fellow jar head which led to permanent injuries on his behalf. Rugged, disheveled, almost never shaves and rarely seen without his signature 5 o clock shadow. He rocks a mullet with pattern male baldness atop. Lives alone in a studio apartment and eats canned Chef Boyardi that he gets from work. His only form of activity is that of his work and the over worked suggestive behavior he sends to his computer screen while playing Never-quested 2. 10 years since, he now works at the local grocery chain store as a courtesy clerk (bagger). Constantly in the eye of his boss Phillip Pinkerton he's always nervous and has lost all self confidence and is very timid, clumsy and accident prone, a shadow of his former self he leaves us all guessing each day "What will Steve do today?". He sometimes reminisces on what he used to be and the actions from which brought him to his current state of life.

With no pep left in his step he staggers along dragging his feet wherever he goes and has grown accustomed to the sound it makes. With that and his steady diet of canned pasta are what now brings him joy. Little to his surprised he walked into and dilapidated mental hospital and was trapped after not watching where he is going. He is now forced into combat with the creatures that lies within, forcing him to mimic his former self. With only a flashlight and what he can find he has to get out. Tip toeing around the mental hospital as to not make a sound to disturb the bad things in the area he often finds himself doing the exact opposite. Defeating his foes (crazy stray cats, spiders, and the occasional spirit or two) with moves from his recalled past, if anyone were to see anyone one would be mortified and embarrassed.

Timid, Nervous, Accident Prone

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