Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to GAD 414 - Animation for Games

Welcome to LatourAFG. This blog is set up for a few reasons. First, to allow you to post your animation for feedback outside of class. I'll be able to comment on your progress and it will also be a venue for peer critique for your work as well. This blog has a lot of useful information available in an easily accessed format. You'll see several tabs next to the home page tab. They are:

LINKS - Web pages and other hyperlinks of interest. Look here for useful utilities and articles relating to animation. Feel free to suggest anything you think should be part of the resources there.

COURSE OUTLINE - The syllabus for the course. It will be a repeat of what's on the expression portal, just another place for you to access the info.

FAQ - Any common questions that come up will also be answered here. So if you have questions, check here first.

IDLE, WALK, RUN, IDLE2RUN and 3STRIKE - These other tabs will be descriptions of the various assignments we'll be doing over the course of our time together.

As time goes on, this blog will also become an archive of work from students who came before you. You'll be able to see examples of the assignments as well as notes and feedback the prior students have received. Browse through and you may find some helpful insight for your own work.

Finally, this page will be a place for me to make announcements to the class as a whole. Those posts will be tagged and titled "INSTRUCTOR POST" (you definitely won't want to miss them.) Please make sure you check this blog at least once a day and read everything new.

Good luck and enjoy the class!

- David Latour

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